The young girl lost 5 toes after going to spa for fish massage
September 22 2018, 12:13 AM
An Australian tourist had an infection and had to cut 5 toes after going to a spa in Thailand.

Fish massage in Thailand is no longer strange tourists and has attracted lots of them from all around the world for this kind of service. However, it may contain risks of injection to visitors' bodies.

The portrait of the unlucky girl

Victoria Curthoys, an Australian tourist who has had an infection and had to cut 5 toes after going to a spa in Thailand. Australian doctors took two years to diagnose the bacteria that infected her toes, causing her to have a high fever.

Shewanella bacterium decayed the entire of her thumb and other toes, causing her to undergo surgery to remove her thumb. After that, pressure from moving caused the toes to become more and more sores, causing her to cut 5 toes.

All of her 5 toes are gone

Speaking of bad luck, the 29-year-old said, "In Thailand, I went to a fish spa. At first glance it looks good with clean shops and the fish are also friendly. Who knows how bad this is!"

The culprit who caused injection

The infection did not cause any pain, so when it was discovered, it was too late. All toes are infected. Victoria says she had to cut a half-inch toe at the age of 17 as she pedaled a piece of terracotta. Now all her five toes are gone with the wind.

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Video source: Sharzad Kiadeh

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