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#Whatthefluff: “Where did she go?”- pet’s hilarious reaction to its owner’s magic trick
July 06 2018, 2:52 PM
Pet's insane reactions to the trending challenge on social media.

Watching video: 

Pet’s insane reactions to the trending challenge on social media. “What the fluff Challenge” is a new viral challenge that consists of “disappearing” behind a blanket while your pet watches. It has been sweeping the internet recently. If the negative news every day has made you too tired and depressed, this, #whatthefluff with the silly expression of the animals will make you more believable in life and have fun with these cute things. The first example surfaced on Internet through Instagram earlier in June, when a woman bamboozled Jax, a Siberian husky with gorgeous coat and striking eyes, with sleight-of-hand. Everyone can’t stand smiling with his cute reaction

“What is going on here?”

Well, even the cat which is often haughty or making color but can’t hide his panic in front of this magic trick Watch this hilarious moments of the bosses!

This silly dog looks so funny 

The haughty cat is also played pranks

However, sometimes it becomes a disaster

Even the horse can not stay away this joke

Let’s watch the video for seeing their silly reaction!

Lan Anh

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