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Trolls 'vulgar' that only best friends dare to do those.
September 26 2018, 12:00 AM
The best friend sometimes do the things that the 'bad' friends do.

See the full video below:

Buddies are the most "mischievous" in the world, they will find ways to troll you at all times.

The man in the video trolled his friend having a bath in bathroom by putting something in his head.

Let's see some images captured from video:

Beside this prank, when you get a text from a complete stranger who thinks you're someone you're not, you have two options: be a good person and immediately let them know they have the wrong number, or be a complete troll and play a prank on the poor soul who accidentally typed your digits into their phone. Let's be real, trolls always have more fun, and these wrong text recipients have set the bar for clever responses by coming up with some ingenious ways to troll the best friends who dared to text them. Next time someone accidentally shoots you a text intended for someone else, see if you can top these perfect trolls!.

Watch video:

Source video: Danviet

Source: Danviet

Hai Linh

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