Sweet happiness for two-legged stray dog that spent 10 painful years on the streets
September 24 2018, 6:12 PM
Amaze-Bobb lived 10 years of torturous neglect on the streets of Los Angeles. He was taken by animal control in January, and went to Synergy animal rescue in San Diego.

Bobb is homeless and most miserable is that he does not have a loved owner. He just wanders alone day bay day, within this large city. No one knows how the past of this creature, what pushed the dog out the road, alone facing the life. It is hard to imagine Bobb's normal life before being taken to the rescue camp.

Bobbins are long and curly dogs like Bobb and need to be regularly trimmed every 4-6 weeks. But Bobb has been ignored for 10 years. It's been also 10 years since Bobb was born. The coat brings so many pains and unconveniences for small dog.

Bobb's state when he was rescued

'On January 22nd, 2015 I received an email from Synergy animal rescue. Synergy specializes in helping special needs dogs, especially seniors, in southern California. Their motto is, “Love to the forgotten; comfort to the sick; care for the blind, deaf and dying.” Their mission is incredible and so worthy, as are the dogs they care for. In the email, I was told about a senior toy poodle who had experienced horrific neglect and his tightly matted fur had become so extreme that it had self-amputated two of his legs.' Bobb's present owner shared.

When shaved, Bobb's rear left leg came off. It had been completely self-amputated due to the tightly matted fur.

Bobb was taken care of carefully by staff of rescue camp. Carla, the director of the salvage center, gave Bobb the name Amaze-Bobb. The recovery and return to the daily life of the little dog makes everyone touched. When he recuperates, Bobb begins to act as a normal dog, running, joking... Bobb does not seem to remember the hard days, the things that the little dog received in the present that made him happy and enjoy himself.

Not sure if Bobb contained in his small body a positive energy or not when exposed to people with disabilities, Bobb is loved by everyone. Holding a small dog in his hand, many people smile. The story of wandering 10 years has been restored in love, in care of Bobbhas brought hope to so many people.

A very touching story, the vitality of the dog has made many people burst into tears. And you, what have you learn about this dog?

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Kim Ngan Do

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