The suitable way to put on swaddling clothes for your baby to help them fall asleep easily
September 21 2018, 12:22 AM
Babies who are put on nappies will have a sense of security and protection.

Babies in the womb feel extremely comfortable and warm because of the amniotic sac wrapped around them. However, when baby was born, the changes in the environment such as light and sound will gradually make them feel insecure and reflective startled when sleeping.

Babies who are clothed in nappies will have a sense of security, protection. Baby will be less startled and easier to fall asleep. This is also a method of appeasing the baby quickly. Mothers need to wrap enough to tighten baby's two hands and loose her legs so that she can move and stretch.

 Step 1: You should choose a square nappy that fit the size of the baby then spread and fold shortly into the triangle. Place the baby in the middle of the swaddling clothes so that the head is at the top, the shoulder should be at the nappy edge.

Step 2: Put the right arm close to the body, gently lift the diaper around the baby. When wrapped completely, you put the edge of the diaper on the left body. Do not tighten the baby's arms to avoid pain and tighten for baby.

Step 3: Fold the diaper upward, put the diaper over the baby's shoulders and fix it firmly onto the back.

Step 4: The other diaper edge is wrapped around the baby and fixed firmly on the waist, ensure that the diaper is large enough to allow the baby's legs to move freely.


Choose the suitable size of blanket

To avoid hot and sweaty, baby should be worn comfortable clothes.

Soft blanket to avoid children suffocated.

Do not wrap too tight and squeeze the legs of the child, this mistake can cause the hip dislocated for the baby.

Notes when the baby sleeps to avoid the risk of sudden death syndrome

Infants are 50% to 60% more likely to have SIDS. In order to minimize this situation, the mother should pay attention to these things:

Keep your baby upright when sleeping to prevent airways from being blocked.

Do not put too many blankets, pillows into the bed or baby cot because when they sleep, they often twist and are easily suffocated by these objects.

Pay special attention when sleeping with adults, do not cover the baby's head by blanket.

When the it is hot, choose a medium-sized blanket, make sure your baby is not cold at night or overheating.

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