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The policewomen perform a great "white dove", the 'monster drivers' also have to admire
September 25 2018, 11:56 PM
In order to handle large motorcycles, gliders such as "dove" the female police must go through the training process, competition very strict.

See the full video below:

Do you still rarely see female policemen chasing large motorcycles when traveling with politicians or pursuing criminals? Of course, in terms of popularity, male policemen who hold the motorbikes are more likely to appear on the street.

But in countries, including Japan, female police officers are also a very strong force, trained to be able to master the large cylinder capacity. Even now, the country has even opened a motorcycling competition for female police officers with thousands of people attending.

The image of policemen coping with large, white cylinder-like giant pigeons winding through this video does not outweigh the whiskers but also makes the high-speed crime "heartbreaking".

Watch video:

Source video: Danviet

Source: Danviet

Hai Linh

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