Police officer helps homeless man shave his beard, his life completely changes after that
September 24 2018, 11:35 PM
Carlson, a police officer in Tallahassee, Florida, USA, took a small action but that made people feel warm.

Watch video footage of Carlson helping shave at the end of the article!

Carlson, a police officer in Tallahassee, Florida, USA, took a small action that made people feel warm.

The police have a huge responsibility. For people to sleep well, the police must do the hard work, in addition to catch the criminals they also need to care about people's lives.

The homeless man can not shave his beard because there are no mirrors and razors that are hard to hold. He approached the police and Carlson expressed his willingness to help. The cop did not hesitate to take the razor. In addition, he helped fix the loose razor.

Because there was no mirror or sink, the homeless man named Phil could not see his face, so shaving became difficult. Phil approached the police officer and asked, 'I want to be clean to get a new job, can you help me?' Unexpectedly, Carlson did not say anything and help him.

'He looks so excited ... just to do a small job he will get a new job', Carlson said. Thus, Carlson stood carefully on the road to help Phil shave. He also did not know that his little act was recorded by passersby.

After the video posted, many people said, 'I'm proud to be living in a warm hearted community. People who represent the government are good people', 'Help each other together', 'Police officer is so great', 'After shaving, Phil looks very alive'.

With the help of Carlson, Phil was hired by McDonald's as an employee. His life changed and became better. 'I think we must first be a warm police officer and then a law enforcement officer', Carlson said.

Watch video here:

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