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Peru: Car was flooded into rocks; however, fortunately it still survived like such a film
August 17 2018, 3:07 PM
Car's hit was so stark that its screen was immediately broken into many pieces.

A man saved his life magically after being flooded and hitting a great rock.

Although flood occured through a river which is near Lima, Peru, that man still attempted to drive his car with a slow speed.

However, his car was flooded into rocks, which is next to the river. In this video, we can hear clearly that local people stood there and shouted out loud.

Car’s hit was so stark that its screen was immediately broken into many pieces. The driver took advantage of broken car’s door to escape from car before his car was flooded.

He still could take his mobile phone in car before getting out of it. Other man standing near there assisted him in climbing out of ledge to move safe place.

Then, the driver was so reckless that he turned back his car to take his personal belongings. Finally, he stood in the far distance and looked at his flooded car with being hopeless.

At least 72 people lost their life in devasting flood in Peru. As a result, it caused landslide, washed houses and bridges. In conclusion, it has had a negative impact on local people’s life.

Watching video:



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