The old man caught crabs in the mangrove forest and enjoyed them on the spot
September 24 2018, 6:11 PM
The crabs are as big as a hand that are  natural reward for fishermen living on the coast.

Real experiences with nature always make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Especially if you are picking fruits and vegetables from the forest or catching aquatic animals for fresh food, it is great. Just as in the pictures below, people use special tools such as iron rods, rackets, trapping catch crabs. Based on his senior experience, the silver-haired old man caught large crabs. They both caught fire and baked crabs that just were caught on the beach, and they together enjoy the natural sweet crabs in the peaceful sunshine. In shallow and clear waters, catching the crab becomes easily.

Mangrove forests with biodiversity

It attracts many people to catch crabs

The processing of fresh crabs on the beach and enjoy them after the crab harvest ends is always popular. The crabs are as big as a hand that are  natural reward for fishermen living on the coast which makes many people have to admire.

The results exceeded expectations

It is a very big crab

After that, they grill crabs on spot

Nature is a great gift for man. Not long ago, the women working in Scotland's fishing industry is a famous story.

Fishing fleets have long depended on female workers to process their catch. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, ‘herring lassies’ would follow the boats down the east coast of Scotland to gut and salt-pickle their fish. Today’s fisherwomen work in refrigerated factories, some of whom have been captured by photographer Craig Easton for his ‘Fish Wives’ project. Easton’s images will be part of an exhibition travelling along Scottish coast from April 2019, ending up at the Scottish fisheries museum in Fife in autumn 2020.

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Source: DKN.TV

Reference Source: The Guardian


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