Neglecting a child without coaxing, the father nearly lost his son because the baby cried so much that he was the seizure and unconsciousness
September 21 2018, 12:32 AM
After crying for 5-7 minutes, the baby begins to suffer from the seizure and unconsciousness.

Teaching a child with a whip or neglecting a baby is common in many families, but parents haven't anticipated the consequences. However, the recent incident of Mr. L, 32, nearly lost his son Mr. N (2.5 years old) after he neglected his child. It seems a warning to all parents as well as other families. The terrible experience of Mr. L  attracted more than 11,000 likes, 13,000 shares only a few days later.

Thanh Long shared, "I have never experienced such a bad feeling. At noon on September 15, while I was preparing the dinner, my son was crying because he was teased. I was busy so I said: "Whyyou're always crying all day!" So he went down the house with his sister and continued crying: "Mom". He kept crying to call his mother for 5-7 minutes but nobody intended to coax. Then the sister panicked run up and called: "Daddy! What's wrong with brother? " I ran out and saw that my son was seizure and his face gradually turned into pale. At that time, I was really scared, I felt that I nearly lost my son".

At that time, both grandparents and daddy just called: "Baby dear!" Then family set him to the hospital immediately.

It was surprise that without any intervention, the baby woke up and cried to call his mother. The doctor continued to examine, took blood test and gave him the fluids throughout the day. "All the afternoon, sometimes he fells asleep, sometimes wakes up and cries again. In the evening, when the epidemic was over, the doctor checked again, the results of the test is not unusual so the child was sent home to follow. Going home, the baby could play happily. Two days later, my son was taken to the EEG exam but nothing was wrong. The whole family can breathe a sigh of relief. "

"When leaving, doctors require to monitor the baby tightly and avoid emotional impact on children. If you meet a similar convulsion, calm down so that you  let the child lie on the left side, giving your spine a normal fit. Should not hold limbs, avoid the broken leg / hand.  In addition, you should record the scene when the baby was seizures. The video is very important, because it will help doctors diagnose premature baby illness and give the best treatment for the baby soon.

Sharing his story, Mr.L sincerely gives the warning to other parents that they shouldn't neglect children when they cry. Because it may make the child get strong emotion and danger to their life.

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