Let's live like this boy in this short film - Giving a lot and even receiving more !
September 25 2018, 12:08 AM
We've learnt a beautiful lesson through this short film ! Enjoy !

Give and take is a very normal topic. But we are still here to say that: To lead your most fulfilling life, you need to give more and more, no matter how much you may take ! Sometimes, you do not receive anything, especially in materials. But the emotions you have are even more precious.

That's true ! This modern life had been making people relying more and more on material. Hence, some of us accidentally forget the essence of oure emotions and inner thoughts which are needed to be shared, even among strangers.

Giving more and take less - this seems to be not true to this boy ! 

As a saying goes: "Money can't buy anything !"

And this boy in this short film proved that statement. He may be as poor as the ones he helped, he may have that poor life condition as his 'strangers' do, he may not have adequate fund to establish an charity organisation.

But he has one thing that everyone's desired to have - an open heart ! He gives without thinking of receiving a thing. He gives as much as possible.  Then, what does he want to take back ? Of course, none in this world gives without receiving nothing ! This young man wishes to take back this most important things - the happy emotions of his own, smiles of a female street vendor, a blooming grow of a plant and a next page of a little beggar girl. That's all.

At the end of the day, he was pleased with all the things he's done and with the hope of giving more tomorrow !

Let's be like him !

Watching video:



Ngoc Anh

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