These are the most insane and funny group posing ideas for risky people
September 25 2018, 11:59 PM
Don't try this at home!

We see a series of illustrations showing figures in different poses. For each one, a group enters the frame and tries to pull it off for the camera.

Posting groups of people has always been one of the most difficult things for many people. There’s always one person not looking at the camera, or blinking, or sneezing, or looking bored waiting for everybody to be ready. And different people in a group all respond to direction differently.

But one thing that often makes for great photos, even if not the one you want, is humour.

One thing that often makes for great photos, even if not the one you want, is humour.

Getting people to be silly in front of the camera. It loosens them up, relaxes them, gets them in a good mood, and can create some hilarious shots. And this video certainly qualifies as getting people silly in front of the camera.

So how will silly work in photographing? Check this out!

Normally, there are many poses you can chose, from "Power Ranger"...

To seesaw

I don't know what pose is this but, just don't try it at home

Summer paradise pose seems to be a perfect pose for guys

Well, this seems a little bit hurtful. So if you and your dudes want to try this, be careful!

And there you have it – creative posing ideas to get you started the next time you take a photo. The most important thing about working with large groups is to take control – and have FUN!

Watch here:

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