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Impossible challenge: Gymnastics boy Arat Hosseini from Iran!
September 11 2018, 4:03 PM
I have to emphasize that this is the performance of a little boy. He is such a ninja kid!

Two-year-old boy Arat Hosseini showed off his superhuman skills on the Impossible Challenge, an original reality show produced and broadcast by China Central Television.

The tiny gymnast negotiated the trapeze, climbing wall and high ladder without falling to the ground.

Videos and photos showing the Iranian toddler’s body strength and training sessions have gone viral on social media platforms worldwide.

Arat’s dad said exercise can unlock children’s talents and cultivate their persistence and courage. Watch the video to take a look at Arat’s amazing stunts!

Let's watching some photos of his performance:

The hardiest challenge, climbing over the wall mountain, got most of his energies.

But it's ok, because his dad is always beside him who is both his trainer and best friend.  

No challenge can make him fear, look at his daddy, even he was so nervous, but still kept calm and lead his son go to the finish.

After being released on broadcast, his performance has attracted many regards and likes of netizens. Most of them expressed their admiring to his ability. Despite being small, he can make the incredible thing.

Other people wished him keeping his passion on sport and believed that he'll be a professional athlete in future.

"Wow! He was amazing. At his age he can pass through the wall immediately".

"He is so adorable!"

"That boy is way better than me ".

Because of his cute appearance, someone wondered whether he a boy or a girl is?

"A girl in my grade can't even do the Monkey bars and were 12".

"That looks like a girl maybe he's a boy on the inside but he is really a girl".

Do you prefer this performance? If you were him, could you do that?

Watching video:

Source: CGTN

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