The girl has just eaten the moon cake while crying alone in the rain, she has received the empathy from netizens: 'Everyone has lonely time'
September 25 2018, 11:23 PM
Everyone has lonely time.

The young girl sat on the stairs alone; she was crying while eating the moon cake.  Perhaps she has just experienced many sad stories or could be lonely in the holiday without relatives or friends.

Everyone must have felt lonely at some periods of time in their life. It may be that they just broke up with their lover, or could be lonely for a long time. Looking around themselves so many happily gathered around the family so that even when they are strong, they sometimes feel weak and distressed.

So many people have sympathy when the girl just eats moon cake and cries alone in the rain. "Even if you do not know anything, but you will empathise after watching this clip. Sitting in the middle of the street and bursting into tears, the girl would have endured with a lot of emotions inside for so long. Well, then weep cry and then we cried so loudly. Anyway it is raining, there aren't many people pay attention. Crying today and then laughing tommorrow, "a friend comment.

Another friend is sympathetic: "Look at the girl and remember my first few days I studied and worked far from home. At that time I handed out flyers from 6 pm to 12 pm. Strenuous the morning but I still have not received money. I'm too tired, so I sit in the middle of the road and cry."

Watching video:

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