Funny moment: I'm crossing a dangerous ! I need my 'servant' !
September 25 2018, 9:22 PM
The video filmed an adorable scene of an officer who stopped the traffic to let a cat cross !

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In some places in the world, dogs and cats was terribly mistreated, even be killed for food. Meanwhile, others protect them and raise them like children in house. They give their pets love and care that they're deserved to. Love comes not only from their owners, but also from officers. Let's take this video as an example !

This lonesome cat crossed road with busy traffic. And she appeared not to know anything to do.

Luckily, a nearby on-duty officer saw her struggling. To assure the safety for our lady cat, the officer had the cutest action ever ! He prevented unexpected vehicles from crashing her.

He controlled every cars to stop to let the cat cross the road safely.

This action of the policeman was both ridiculous and precious. Behind that seemingly minor action was the love and respect for every creatures on this Earth. A little cat was deserved to be treated like a human.

This video soon attracted the attention of viewers, they left comments like:

"Awww, this is so cute, if i were that officer, i would forget my job and help the cat, too !"

OKay, there's no vehicles now, cross ! 

"Can somebody hold this adorability back ? I can not resist !"

"I love how people give their love and care to animals, even wild ones, cause they're all deserved."

"First, i will never let my cat get out of the house without me. But this video is out-of-this-world cute !"

So, if you are an animal lover, please give your wholehearted love to your pets like this officer !

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Ngoc Anh

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