The bizarre story behind these wonderful photos of fascinating models and the 24-year-old Russian domesticated bear
September 25 2018, 11:22 PM
Meet Stepan, the 24-year-old Russian domesticated bear that’s become an Instagram icon.

Being popular on Instagram thanks to the impressive photos taken with seductive models, Stepan Bear is now a true star. Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko, who has raised the 24-year-old bear model, live in Moscow. Like any other family, the couple and the bear love to walk, eat together, play sports and take photos, create the best conditions for the bear Stepan to promote his talent.

The couple say they adopted Stepan when he was three months old after finding him in less-than-pleasant conditions. They’ve raised him as a member of the family for the past 24 years in their home, where Stepan continues to live. According to the couple, Stepan is a sociable bear who loves to play. A health icon in his own right, Stepan eats 25 kilos of fish, vegetables and eggs every day and stays in shape by playing football. He also keeps busy with acting projects, having appeared in over a dozen titles. He recently just wrapped up shooting on a Christmas film titled “Fir Trees 4” where he plays a central character.

According to photographer Olga Barantseva, the photoshoots are meant to show the softer side of the big predator as a part of an anti-hunting campaign showcasing the natural harmony between humans and bears. Stepan apparently enjoys these photoshoots where he is coaxed into different poses by his trainer with the help of mozzarella and sweet cookies—his favorite treats.

The list of beautiful models who had been photographed with Stepan was so long, including the girl preparing to marry, the pregnant mother, who were not afraid to stand next to the bear weighs nearly two quintals.

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