This beautiful girl ate a herd of giant spiders alone !
September 21 2018, 10:28 PM
She was pretty until she ate those black spiders ! Check out the video because it can give you goosebumps !

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Eating spiders that you've just hunted from the jungle ? Have ever you had that kind of primitive experience ?

It's undoubted that most of girls will even not dare to think of be in same room with spiders, not to mention, eat one. Well, there's somewhere in this world that a girl who loves enjoying wild spiders right after being caught in the wood.

Ask this pretty girl that experience ! Look how pleasant when she ate a herd of giant spiders ! We had to wonder that maybe those disgusting insects could be .. delicous ?

Looking at them freaks me out 

But, if you're asking, obviously, those spiders are unpoisonous. They were completely harmless and contained no venom. That's why she could eat them free without fear.

"Well, that girl will be the last survival in the forest ! She has such amazing skills !"

"She would win every second round of Fear factor"

It must smell so good 

"Nothing is safe anymore around her...I bet if a tiger ran up she would get that cooking oil ready."

"She eats the things that I'm scare the most"

"I knew she could eat everything.

But wait, are those spiders? like seriously she eats spiders HOW?"

Want to enjoy this light evening meal with me ? 

"Seriously I couldn't watch it since I've arachnophobia but I commented to say that I respect her culture and she must be a brave one. I'm impressed on how she could eat it while I can't even stand watching it."

This video, after being posted on her Youtube channel, soon received a lot of views and comments. Most of them was very shocked because of her braveness, others showed their objection. So, what do you think ? Next time, if you have the chance to visit a wildness, will you try some .. spiders for dessert ?

Watching video:

source: Natural Life TV

source: Natural Life TV

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