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It's amazing a girl do bow and arrow shot with feet
September 25 2018, 11:58 PM
Think you've got talent? Pretty good at yoga? Quick on your feet? Not really, see what this girl can do!

This girl did shoot an arrow twenty feet into a bullseye attached while doing a handstand and using the bow with her feet.

She may be twisted, but her shot is straight as an arrow!

A talented contortionist is astounding viewers by using her feet to shoot a target with bow and arrow — all while doing a handstand.

Archery by feet of the girl made her fellow actors extremely thrilled when holding the melon on the head for her to shoot.

The girl prepares to shoot the watermelon he is putting on his head, how dangerous!

Close-up of this performance

This time it is another handstand, and keep the steles by the leg for the girl to shoot, the difficulty level also increases.

Watch video:

Dieu Linh

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