9 'strange' habits help you to lose weight faster
September 22 2018, 5:35 PM
It may sound weird but it actually works!

Drink water hourly

Do not wait until you feel thirsty to drink water. Nutrition experts advise that you drink water by the hour to provide adequate water for the body and beautiful skin. Drink warm lemonade with a little honey in the morning to warm up the stomach and wake up your body. Drinking water before and after lunch helps promote digestion and make you belly faster and limit from eating more. 4 pm is the time when the body tired after a long day of work, you should add water to enhance energy. Drinking water after dinner and before bed helps support fast digestion and reduce fat accumulation.

Smell the apples or bananas before meals

A new study published in the Journal of Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery, USA, shows that sniffing apples or bananas before meals can help reduce craving perception.

Light a candle with vanilla scent

Like the smell of apples and bananas, vanilla candles also help reduce appetite.

Take a photo of the dish

Habits that seem to have nothing to do with eating actually help with weight loss. When you take a photo of a dish, it will take a few minutes to confirm the dish that you are going to eat, from which it is clear that the amount of calories will be loaded into the body. If you notice too much food compared to the ration, you will actively reduce. Photo retention also makes it easy to control your daily diet.

Use blue dishes and bowls

Research from the University of Oxford, England pointed out that the blue of the bowls and dishes have the ability to inhibit and limit the appetite. Therefore, nutritionists recommend using blue bowls if you want to lose weight.

Eat eggs for breakfast, eat spicy dishes at lunch

Eggs are rich in protein, a healthy source of energy for starting the day. Eating eggs for breakfast also helps you stay longer so eat less during the day. Spicy hot lunch will stimulate digestion and metabolism, limit fat accumulation.

Set yourself the challenge to be more motivated.

Having a clear goal or challenge will get you more excited with the practice. You can challenge yourself to walk the stairs when you come to the company, go more than one floor every day or self "punishment" to push 20 times every night before going to bed.

Eat slowly, chew it thoroughly

Eating slowly and chewing carefully will help you feel full faster, food is also easier to digest. Nutrition experts recommend that you take a 20-minute meal.

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